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wild women chasing periwinkle

wild women chasing periwinkle is one of the most unique businesses to launch on main street in Siler City.  This is an amazing partnership between a group of very talented local artists.  The wild women transformed this 7 foot 6 inches wide space into a whimsical and wacky, display area where they can show and sell their artwork.

Arranged in the shop is pottery, vintage jewelry, silver jewelry, wearable fiber garments, unique woodworking, and leather.  All handcrafted, unique, and one of a kind.  Custom orders are encouraged.

Come in for a visit or shop our online store.  We share this space as a street front shop, but we each have our own business.  Below is a brief description of each of our specialties. Because we make most of our products we can easily help you create custom gifts for your friends and family.  

Shelly Joyce, Chana Meeks, Donna Johnson, Renee Miller, Sherry Allen, and Mel Huffman are the wild women chasing periwinkle.  How did we come up with this name?

Periwinkle is ... happiness

...a beautiful blue violet color,

... the color of our building

... aren't we all chasing happiness?

It was a "god wink" that this was the time for these ladies to join forces and open the most creative and fun handcrafted shop in our area.  The wild women part just happened in jest, but it stuck ... after all...

every woman has some wild in them!

Stop by.  Get to know us! 

Shop a bit or just hang out and laugh with us!

As a naturalist and lover of both science and art, I started the Cave Bear Trading Company a few months before I graduated with a degree in zoology in 2017. I make jewelry featuring sterling silver, genuine stone, and antique beads as well as hand-stitched, durable leather items. 10% of EVERY sale is donated to animal welfare groups. And due to my love of comedy and film, I have recently expanded the company to include some cool video projects. Watch them and my various other ventures on Instagram @cavebeartradingco ♥️🐾🌍.

Love, Mel. 

Leather, Jewelry, & More

Mel Huffman

  • @cavebeartradingco

I was born at an early age into a military family,  so I was fortunate to travel the US and other countries.   After studying art I taught it for 30 years.  My first love has always been fibers, so I now live out in the country exploring the wide world of fiber arts.

Pottery, Jewelry, and More

Renee Miller

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I've been a craftsperson since taking my first watercolor class in 1993 and pottery class in 1996. I love being creative. I've been featured in Our State Magazine and UNC TV. My pottery is functional and utilitarian with a flare for whimsey. I also love tri-loom weaving and making custom leather & metal cuffs. My hands are always busy. You can follow me at: and

Pottery, Painting, Jewelry, & Whimsy

Chana Meeks

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I began playing with clay in a class in the summer of 1973 at Western Carolina University and I am still playing.  Whimsical and  fun items using leaves of all sizes and fairy garden furniture and doors are my current obsession in hand built pottery . My mom taught me to sew and right now I’m having fun making all types of Scrunchies from new and up-cycled fabrics. Herbal eye pillows are my latest creations. 


Love this quote:

Art and making things — particularly making things — are essential to our salvation,” 

Milton Glaser 

Pottery, Jewelry, and More

Donna Johnson

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I am a lifelong resident of Chatham. I started making jewelry in 2009, using found objects and mixed metals. A love of vintage beads, fibers and upcycled objects led me to start selling out of an old trunk.  My grandmother, Lila had a beautiful collection of vintage brooches. I named my business Lila’s Trunk.  I create my pieces focusing on texture and color and often I incorporate silk sari ribbon as well. I use mixed metals in all my pieces and no two pieces are alike. I love to incorporate sound in my work and often use tiny kuchi bells to create a pleasant reminder that life is good.  Spread kindness. ❤️

Tassels, Jewelry, Accessories

Shelly Joyce

    Sherry, is our newest craftsman, she was born & raised in Chatham County and loves calling it home! She is a top realtor in Siler City since 1999 and loves "trying" to craft in her free time to "destress". Her specialty is hand poured soy candles, Deco lighted bottles and pour paint.

    Hand Poured Soy Candles, Deco Lighted Bottles

    Sherry Allen